2011 Chair:  Dr. Jeff Hallam     Asst Chair: Dr. Mary Steinhardt



Abatemarco, Diane

Benz Scott, Lisa

Bond, Dale

Brittain, Danielle

Buhi, Eric

Carney, Lyndie

Dignan, Mark

Dodd, Virginia

Dye, Cheryl

Eddy, James

Feldman, Robert


Special thanks to the

doctoral students' assistance

in this process

Forthofer, Melinda

Gielen, Andrea

Green, Kerry

Kanekar, Amar

Knowlden, Adam

Maddock, Jay

McCormack Brown, Kelli

McKyer, E. Lisako

Moore, Michele

Nagy, M. Christine

Oman, Roy

*Gamble, Abigail –

The University of Mississippi

Rath, Jessica

Seo, Dong-Chul

Steinhardt, Mary

Trapl, Erika

Umstattd, M. Renee

Wallace, Lorraine

Ward, Ken

Weiler, Robert

Werch, Chad

Williams, Joel

Young, Michael


*Haskins, Mary Amanda – The University of Mississippi

Outstanding Research Poster


Bowden RG, Deike E, Moreillon J, Griggs JO, Wilson RL, Shelmadine B, Beaujean AA

"The effects of increased dietary consumption of fish oil on lipid levels"


Outstanding Student Research Poster


Gamble A, Waddell D, Ford-Wade MA, Bentley JP, Hallam JS

"The role of policy and the built environment on children's in-school activity in the Mississippi delta"


2011 Posters of Distinction


Lacy ME, Orpinas P

"Smoking trajectories from middle to high school: The healthy teens project"



 Nguyen AL, Beyer K, Seal DW, Flores J, Maurana C, MCW VPI Community Asset Team    

"An exploratory look at youth exposure to violence in an urban setting" 



Trapl ES, Cofie L

"Use of brand examples in measurement of adolescent cigar use"



Vesely SK, Tolma ET,  Oman RF, Aspy CB, Boeckman L

"Prospective association between youth asset groups and initiation of oral sex"



Judy K Black Early Career Research Award


2012 Judy Black Award

The Judy K. Black Early Career Research Award commemorates the life and honors the memory of the wife of one of The Academy’s founders and past presidents, Dr. David R. “Randy” Black. Judy died tragically in a traffic accident on January 31, 2003.  This award of the American Academy of Health Behavior recognizes early-career health behavior research that is innovative and rigorous and that makes an important contribution to science or practice. 


2011 Award Winner, Dr. Yan Hong

The 2010 winner was Dr. Yan  Hong, for her paper "Care Arrangements of AIDS Orphans and its Relationship with Children's Psychosocial WellBeing: Evidence from Rural China", which is co-authored with Li Xiomind, Fang Xiaoyi, Zhao Guoxiang, Zhao Junfeng, Zhao Qun, Lin Xiuyun, Zhang Liying, and Bonita Stanton.

Dr. Hong is an Assistant Professor of Social and Behavioral Health at Texas A & M University’s School of Rural Public Health.  She received doctorate from Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health in 2007.  Previously, she received an undergraduate degree in English from Xiamen University in China, and a Master’s degree in Medical Anthropology from the University of Maryland.Bob McDermott, Yan Hong, Dennis Thombs


Her research interests are HIV/STI behavioral intervention and the cultural adaptations of programs and measures. She integrates qualitative and quantitative methods in her research and explores the multi-level contexts related to health behaviors. Recently, she has been working on applying social networking technologies such as Internet and cell-phones in behavioral interventions.

Dr. Hong has been involved in more than 7 NIH-funded projects on HIV/STI prevention and measurement of psychosocial wellbeing. The awarded paper was a product of an NIMH-funded project “Bereavement and Psychosocial Wellbeing of Children Orphaned by AIDS in China.” Dr. Hong has published more than 30 journal articles, including journals such as AIDS & Behavior, AIDS Care, AIDS Patient Care and STDs, AIDS Education and Prevention, Journal of Transcultural Nursing, Community Mental Health Journal, Journal of Pediatric Psychology, Health Education Research, and several others, more than half of which have been as the primary author.


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